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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Bridge-water14, who is full as handsome as any of 'em; a bouncing head of, I believe, Cleopatra, called the Duchess of Mazarine15. The park is enchanting. I forgot to tell you I was at Blenheim, where I saw nothing but a cross housekeeper, and an impertinent porter, except a few pictures; a quarry of stone, that looked at a distance like a great house, and about this quarry, quantities of inscriptions in honour of the Duke of Marlborough, and I think of her grace too; she . . ,16 herself mentioned, as putting 'em up, in almost all of *em.
Adieu! dear George,
Yours ever,
HOB. WAL^OLE. The verses17 are not yet published.
I have been at Oxford y how could you possibly leave it ? after seeing that charming place, I can hardly ask you to come to Cambridge. But when will you ? I long to talk it all over with you. I just saw Sir Edward Noell there, but had hardly time to exchange a syllable with him; he looks just what he always was; I wanted mightily to shake him into a fat good-natured laugh. Maudlin Walks please me most; I felt a pensive joy in 'em occasioned by thinking
" Lady Elizabeth Churchill (d. 1714), third daughter of first Duke of Marlborough; m. (1703) Scroop Egerton, fifth Earl (afterwards first Duke) of Bridgewater.
15  Hortense Mancinij Duchesse de Mazarin (d. 1699).
16  Line and a half erased in MS.
17  Presumably    the     Cambridge Gratulatio mentioned in the   next letter.
LETTBR 9'.—Not in C.; now printed from original in possession of Viscount Cobham.
1 Sir Edward Noel (1716-1774), sixth Baronet, of Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire ; succeeded his cousin in 1745 as eighth Baron Wentworth ; or. (May 5, 1762) Viscount Wentworth of Wellesborough, Leicestershire. He had been at Eton with Walpole and Lyttelton.